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Nintendo Conference 2011 in English 1/4

For the people who would like to know in English!

Nintendo 3ds Conference 2011 1/4

***Shigeru Miyamoto(Nintendo Executive Director) ***
Hi everyone, thank you for coming to Nintendo 3ds Conference 2011.
I would like to talk about Zelda.
In US it's not abnormal to come out like this but in JP it's a bit embarassing(‐^▽^‐)

As you know, it has been 25th years since Zelda has first came out.
To celebrate this, there are a lot of unique events and "Skyward Sword" will be coming out.

I will explain a bit more precisely;
- 2011 October: Zelda's auchestra concert will be held
- Zelda UgoMemo Contest has been recruited from all over the world
- "ゼルダの4つの剣("The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures")" made for game boy advance has been editioned for 25th anniversary. You play with 4people but can also play with 1 person.
AND You can free download for nintendo dsi and 3ds!!

Skyward sword is amazing!!

You use a sword and a shield uniquely.
There has been more than 100people involved.It took 5 years.I played for few hundred hours to make this.

Please see the movie for the details...

After playing, what will be left in your heart? The amazing world of Zelda and I can no more think of moving the sword with a button.
I believe that the New Genre has been created.

Please enjoy the Zelda Skyward Sword! Thank you!

I will translate the other 3 in the future! cu!

OFFICIAL Nintendo 3ds Conference 2011(Japanese) 2011/9/13

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● AKB48 song AYAMAN+Fujimori vers. "Is this better?!"

This is the original...

and this is the re-created ver...

Ayaman and Fujimori( a famous comedian who is said to be a 'play boy') has re-created the famous AKB48 song, "Aitakatta(wanted to see you)".

君かわうぃーね!(kimi kawai-ne!=You are sooo hot!)

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