Nintendo Conference 2011 in English 2/4

For the people who would like to know in English!

***Satoru Iwata(President of Nintendo) ***
Thank you for coming today, and for the people who are watching this through internet, thank you for watching.

Today I will talk about 3ds future but before I will tell you the coming games in this year.

- 2011/9/15 Dragon Quest I, II, IIIrevived
- 2011/10/13 Just Dance Wii (localised AKB48, Morning Musume, Exile)
- 2011/10/20 Go Vacation
- 2011/10/27 Curby Wii
- 2011/11/23 NEW Taiko no Tatsujin Wii
- 2011/11/23 Zelda Skyward Sword(Golden Pack for the first published)
- 2011/12/1 Itadaki Sutoreet (square enix)
- 2011/12/8 Mario&Sonic London Olympic
- 2011/Winter Pokepark2

I understand that some people were worrying about publishing a lot of games this year.
But as you can see, we will publish more than ever in the future so please look forwrd to it.

Future 3DS plan
As for the Nintendo DS, as you can see, it's 50:50 ratio for male and female.
But, right now, for Nntendo 3DS, there are slightly more male than female.
so, we have decided to publish new colour which female would prefer.
- 2011/10/20 Misty Pink

Up-dated Function
- can take 3D movied with nintendo 3DS camera
- strengthen Mii hiroba
- Nintendo e-shop improved

Future Games by Nintendo
- 2011/11/3 Super Mario 3Dland(it's easy for people who are not good with playing 3d and of course satisfies the advanced players too!)
- 2011/12/1 Mariokart 7

Mario series&other Nintendo games coming in 2012
- 2012 Mario Tennis
- 2012 Paper Mario(enriched the expression
- 2012 Luigi's Mansion2
- 2012/Spring Mario&Sonic London Olympic 3DS
- 2012 Animal Crossing

Please see the video;
(((Japanese comedian tubaki oniyakko, iwao nozomu)))

トモダチコレクション(Tomodachi Collection)

- 2012 Girls Mode(New Ver.)
Focused not only on the male but will strengthen the games for the female too.

I will translate the other 2 in the future! cu!

OFFICIAL Nintendo 3ds Conference 2011(Japanese) 2011/9/13

Nintendo Conference 2011 in English 1/4

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